Nick's Corner

2024 interest rate forecast

2024 interest rate forecast The Bibic experience anticipates in 2024: Activity and growth will be very calm until rate cuts are announced. Affordability is holding back many buyers and is directly tied to interest rates. We anticipate that bank of Canada rates will come down but it will be a very gradual lift-off throughout 2024. As we continue to face uncertainty in anticipation of how much a rate changes will affect in the Windsor-Essex real estate landscape, I know that the last 11 years have shown much growth in the value of your property. Windsor-Essex continues to draw investments and staying ahead of the next step with Bibic knowledge and experience is key to your success in this ever changing industry.

Father & Daughter Realtors® with a dynamic and powerful partnership

Father & Daughter Realtors® with a dynamic and powerful partnership Nick and MaryAnn are a father and daughter Realtors® with a dynamic and powerful partnership in real estate. Their unique strengths are a combination of experience and innovation. Nick brings decades of wisdom, a vast network, and a seasoned perspective on the real estate market, while MaryAnn injects fresh energy, modern technology, extensive experience in the financing process and passion for emerging trends in Windsor Essex. Their shared commitment to client satisfaction is a potent force, as they offer a diverse range of skills, ensuring exceptional service. Their bond and shared values also foster a seamless working relationship, making them a dependable and trusted choice for those seeking comprehensive, generational expertise in real estate.