Nick's Corner

Reno recommendations - I can help! Planning out renovations can be tricky and hectic, put my experience to work for you - I can help! Setting and Follow a Budget: Renovations often cost more than expected. Creating a budget will then decide how much renovation you can afford and you should also follow this budget to avoid making any unreasonable expenditures. I can help you with this! Avoid DIY Everything: Although videos and HGTV show us DIY-ing an entire room is a piece of cake, don’t believe them! Moreover, we do not have the skills and expertise needed to handle building and designing tasks. If you are crafty, there are various DIY projects available that you can utilize your time with, but renovation is not one of them. I can help you with this! Don't cut Corners: You might get the urge to save a little here and there throughout your project. But this could also mean settling for low-quality materials and lack luster finishing. I can help you with this! Trust the Design Process: Your project might take more time than you anticipated, or you may change your mind along the the process (as long as it works in the budget).  I can help you with this!

Duplex?! If you are looking into buying a duplex or multi family property, there are many things to consider before making the investment. If this is your first time purchasing one of these types of properties, it is my pleasure to share my expertise and experience and consult with you as you consider all of your options. For some people, renting out their property is a great way to earn money/generate monthly cash flow. The decision ultimately comes down to what type of investor you are and how much risk you’re willing to take on in order for your goals to come true. Windsor/Essex county neighborhoods have the benefit of an amazing geographical location and fabulous standard of living!  Imagine buying a new home where you can privately live in one side and rent out the other side to help cover expences-it is an incredible advantage! Now is the time to take advantage of lower interest rates and capitalize on purchasing opportunities. Let's talk about the possibilites . . . it may be a way for you to enter the housing market affordably!